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Re: aic7xxx driver and Fedora Core 2 install -- hang

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 22:21 -0500, L. Clayton Parker wrote:
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> Here we go again it seems. After the go round with the aic7xxx driver
> and RH 7.1, I would think this would not be a problem again. 
> Same specs:
> L440GX motherboard
> Adaptec AIC 7896 Ultra 160 Host Adapter
> Install hangs as soon as the aic7xxx driver is loaded.  SCSI bus
> activity is constant. RH 9 installs just fine. There are already a
> few messages out there regarding this problem in Core 1. Core 2 did
> not fix it. Maybe I will just stick with RH9 for a while after all.

true, but try the "work around" as follows:

upon boot, issue linux acpi=force and that is supposed to get around the

Michael Weiner

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