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Re: Problem with VMware

Marcin Szarek wrote:

Hi All!
I've got weird problem while installing Windows 2000/XP system on
I believe VMware is installed properly - I've installed it from rpm
package. Then, vmware-config.pl also runs and exits without problems
ending configuration with "Enjoy!".

I've created a virtual machine. Then, I've powered virtual machine on
with W2K cdrom in drive. Windows installation starts, it probes for
hardware and then, just after starting formatting my virtual partition
with selected filesystem everything gets crazy. Computer doesn't hang,
but it stoppes responding - it looks like being hardly overloaded or
something. HDD LED blinks so I believe that something is being
At first I thought that my hardware is not enough robust, so i left my
computer while "cooking" windows partition for... 2 DAYS! But after
these 2 days LEDs were still blinking and my computer was not responding
at all...

Sounds like cdrom-problems shown in other os-es. See with the cd-rom settings in vmware, change the emulated/direct CDRom settings. IF that does not succeeed, create an iso image of the CDROm and present that as the cdrom to the guest.

Could You give me some hint on some solution? What could I mess up? Why windows "hangs" while trying to make FAT/NTFS partition?

IT also can be due to the virtual disk settings, does the guest-os installer have the driver for the provided harddisk. Specially scsi come now in 2 flavors, 1 of which is not supported by your M$Windows by default. There is a driver-floppy-image on the VMWare website.

Your help will be appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance!

My software:
Fedora Core 2

My hardware:
Duron 1000
Abit KT7a
256 DDR
Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB

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