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Re: [FC2] might be good but kernel 2.6 too much hassle...

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 22:56, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Sean Estabrooks wrote:
> > What about after you type:
> > 
> > # modprobe tulip
> > # ifconfig -a
> Note: there are a number of drivers for tulip family cards. You might
> find that the de4x5 or even the dmfe modules work better. And there's
> a number of options in the kernel config for this family.
> It would help to know exactly which card the original poster has: the
> manufacturer, card name, and output of lspci -n and lspci -v would be
> helpful.

the first card is Broadcom BCM4401 and the second one is a Sitecom
LN-020, the chip inside is a linksys.

I can't give you right now the lspci-n and lspci-v, as I am only able to
access internet from work! I will do that tonight and send them

I'm using a kernel 2.6.6 compiled by me from kernel.org with 4k stacks
to off to use ivtv.
I tried to compile the manufacturers driver for both card! but it always
say illgeal char something as those driver have been created for kernel

I'm thinking of trying to compile kernel 2.7.7rc3, perhaps the bugs are
sorted out there...

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