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Re: [FC2 x86_64] Kudzu does not accept keyboard input

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 17:50, Peter Boy wrote:
> Just detected following problem here:
> If you change your hardware during boot up kudzu will start and ask for
> adjustments of your configuration. The Kudzu window appears here as
> expected with its initial question to hit a key to continue
> configuration, but does not accept any keyboard input. After a time out
> period the boot process will continue without changing anything. It's
> reproducable here for several times.
> I couldn't find a bugzilla entry about it. But if it is a wider spread
> problem I shouldn't be the only one. So: did anyone else had this issue
> or may it be due to my configuration here (which is quite standard) and
> not worth a bugzilla entry.

Try my custom kernels for the eMachines M680x (x86_64) laptops, the only
differences are one patch to make the IRQ's somewhat sane, and built-in
*HCI-HCD support (so the keyboards work). You didn't mention if this is
also a laptop, but just in case it isn't I have both uniprocessor and
smp kernels posted. You might also be able to avoid using the custom
kernels if you rebuild your initrd with the uhci-hcd and/or ehci-hcd
support inside it.


Oh, by all means bugzilla if you haven't found it yet. With full
hardware details please. I'm hoping we can get the stock kernels to have
the *HCI-HCD support built in as we no longer have to worry about
fitting a floppy, and I would think very few modern machines do not
have/rely on USB any longer.

Chris Kloiber

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