/var/log/lastlog, du and ls Do Not Agree

Michael Schwendt fedora at wir-sind-cool.org
Tue Jun 8 12:34:40 UTC 2004

On Tue, 08 Jun 2004 07:43:42 -0400, Bob Chiodini wrote:

> I was testing UDF on CDRW yesterday and noticed that du and ls do not
> agree on the size of /var/log/lastlog.  This is an ext3 file system.
> # du -s /var/log/lastlog
> 52      /var/log/lastlog
> # ls -l /var/log/lastlog
> -r--------  1 root root 19136220 Jun  8 06:32 /var/log/lastlog


Sort of a Linux related FAQ. A hint to get you on the right track:
  cp --sparse=never /var/log/lastlog /var/tmp
  du -h /var/tmp/lastlog

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