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Re: cyrus-imapd howto - SOLVED!

Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Florin Andrei um 10:20:

> Just to make it clear, with Cyrus you have to explicitly create with
> cyradm each account that receives mail. If you just create the Unix
> account, it will not receive mail!

Partly true. Based on the packaging by Simon Matter the Cyrus-IMAPd on
FC2 has the autocreate patch, see


Thus - if you configure it proper - INBOXes can be created

> That's because Cyrus does not care about the Unix user database, it uses
> its own. It's just an artifact of the default setup with FC2 that
> authentication is performed against the Unix user database, Cyrus can be
> (and usually is) totally independent of it.

Right, though I would not call it artifact. It is like with the MTA,
which you can too configure to authenticate against a system independent
user database (i.e. sasldb, ldap, mysql).

> Florin Andrei

Btw. thanks for your effort to explain new Cyrus-IMAPd users some
important features and configuration steps in the other list mailing.

The only thing which I do not understand is, why you said following:

0. Fix saslauthd

Edit /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd and change MECH to "pam":


Then (re)start saslauthd

Is that really a needed step? If yes, then saslauthd became broken as it
worked withouth problems on FC1. Can you confirm that MECH=shadow does
not work?! Would be worth a bugzilla entry then.



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