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Re: install Windows after Fedora

On Jun 8, 2004 at 16:25, Fidahoussen Youssoufe Laurent in a soothing rage wrote:

>Hi everybody,

First off your post has nothing to do with 'sound on kde'.
In future, copy the list address and paste into a _new_
compose window. Do _not_ hit reply and erase the subject.
What you did is known as thread hijacking. We intensely
dislike hijackers here.

>I have a recurrent problem. Actually a I have a multi-boot Windows 
>XP and Fedora Core 2 on the same computer (it is normal unless it 
>wasn't be called multi-boot ;-) )
>When I want to reinstall windows, Mr. Bill clean the mbr so I 
>can't acess to Lilo, so if I want to acess to my Fedora, il am 
>obliged to use a rescue floppy : it is very unpleasant.
>Do you know a method to rescue my Fedora after I reinstall Windows ?
You listed one, use a rescue floppy. Else you need to add Linux
to the windows boot loader. However, since I am not experienced
in installing windows, I do not know whether your reinstall over
writes the windows bootloader every time you reinstall.

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