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RE: FC1 Proxy Servers

Have a look at this page:


I think you might want to use them both.

I've used squid (only) for years and LOVE it!.


p.s. rant: I wish the yum repositories would properly set their expires headers. that way the files are stored for the proper amount of time in the proxy cache.
have a look at my fedora.us repository mirror:

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Chalonec Roger wrote:

Well I was not sure if these two nomenclature names were actually proxy
servers.  Are there relative advantages and disadvantages between the
two other than anti-virus?

Thanks Alexander

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Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Chalonec Roger um 17:05:

I am looking to implement proxy services on FC1 and I have noted that
there may be two.  One called Privoxy and another called Squid.  Does
anyone have experience with these or a better proxy server that run on

FC1?  I am currently using Microsoft ISA as a proxy server on Intel.


Your question is a bit unspecific. Both proxies are working great, while
squid is certainly is known by more people than privoxy. I think privoxy
has a better antiv-virus integration capability, if that counts.


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