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Dual-booting FC2 and WinXP: am I safe?


I've been doing some reading about a disk geometry issue that can
hinder dual booting between FC2 and Windows:


I've also read this article which explains the problem and gives a


I've installed FC2 on a PC that has two hard drives.  WinXP is on the
first hard drive, and FC2 is on the second.  The only code that
shipped with FC2 that's on my first hard drive is GRUB.  To put it
another way, every partition on the first hard drive is NTFS, and
every partition on the second hard drive is Linux ext3 or swap.
My FC2 installation was an upgrade on top of RH 7.3, so I didn't
repartition the Linux hard drive or reformat any partitions.

Since installing FC2, I've booted both FC2 and XP several times with
no apparent errors.  It's been so reliable that I'd not worried about
my hard drives until I read the article mentioned above.  Is it safe
for me to assume that I've managed to avoid the problem?  If so, did I
avoid it on accout of my dual hard drive setup, because I didn't
repartition my Linux hard drive, or perhaps on account of some more
mysterious reason?  :-)

Dave Ulrick
Email: d-ulrick niu edu
Web:   http://www.niu.edu/~ulrick/

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