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Re: Turning of the screeensavers

> Hi,
> MY PC, running core 1. hangs up many nights with no obvious reason to
> me. The message on the monitor sometime, not always is "No signal"
> other times the monitor is just frozen with a screensaver.
> Someone suggested that maybe the screensavers hang the machine.
> I don't know what starts the screensvars, therefore I don't know
> how to turn it off. Is there a simple way of turning screensaver off.
> Shoshana

Shoshana:  Alexander and others have posted about how you can turn off
your screensaver.  But a message like "No signal" suggests that the CRT
is remaining ON while the computer is turning off or perhaps

If you reboot after the "No signal" appearance, and you see boot up
messages about integrity checking the disks, then your system is likely
powering down without properly shutting down.  Look for adjustments you
can make to prevent your power management system from engaging to shut
down the system.

I don't know enough from your description to be able to help you more. 
Perhaps if you post again with more details, we can offer more help.

> -- 

Erik Hemdal <ehemdal townisp com>

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