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Re: sendmail and dovecot

Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Nina Pham um 23:38:

> I change default_mail_env = mbox:/Mail/%u/:INBOX=/var/mail/%u,
> then I put into IMAP server directory of Mozzila ~nina/IMAP/ which is 
> the symbolic link to /Mail/nina/
> But I can not view anything from Mozzila except inbox, I can not create 
> new folder. The error message display "invalid mask". I don't get it. Do 
> I suppose to do somehting else in the dovecot.conf file?

You should read _really carefully_ the dovecot documentation, i.e.


Especially the mail-storages.txt document explains you what needs to be
set. has the mbox /Mail/$USER the proper permissions? Keep away the
trailing slash from the mbox definition. Maybe you want a maildir
instead of an mbox format? I am too not sure whether dovecot will follow
symbolic links. Start with simple, plain setups! Are you sure about the
namespace setting inside Mozilla? I doubt it is correct what you put in


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