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Re: Computer Shutsdown

John perez wrote:

I have this problem. When I compile something big..kernel recompile, my computer p4, 512MB RAM, heats up, and the computer shuts down.
Can anyone suggest me what do do, to avoid such shutdowns, Kernel recompile, we all know is important. My question might sound stupid, but what shall I do to avoid such things. It wouldn't happen in other OSs. I am sure you have some remedy for this behavior of my computer. Can I do something for efficient cooling of the system?

I think that acpi takes care of managing the processor, fan and other devices related to cooling. My laptop runs a lot cooler with acpi=on. It runs a bit hotter in other OSes, which I avoid. From reading a response to comment that I made for a bug that was discussed on this list, acpi is on by default. There are certain modules that you need and for FC2, I had to download the acpid program for things to work again. I run at about 42 C with an athlon 2 GHz processor. The CPU speed stepped down to 662 MHz right now though. (Just reading email, no major processes running.)

Try running 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' andit should show you how your processor is working.

To check your temperature you can type
cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/*
to check on your thermal value.

It could be a blocked fan or blocked cooling vents. But since you are having the problem under heavy load. this might be related to the very heavy on the computer. You might try the compilation with few processes running during the compile.

Just my thoughts. I doubt they would help with your problem.


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