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Re: Lucent/Agere v.92 softmodem on core 2

At 19:42 8/6/2004 -0500, you wrote:

Bolívar wrote:

First of all, Hi community, I joined a few days ago and this is my first post.
My problem is:
I own a v.92 lucent winmoden and i´d like to know if there is any working driver for the core 2 kernel,
there is none in the linmodems page. Also, i still couldn´t make this modem work on previous distros, i could make my v.90 lucent work without problems, but not my v.92, it detects, communicates, but it doesn´t dial. There´s nothing wrong with the phone line.
Later ppl.

I have not tried your modem, but for the latest on drivers for softmodems under linux check out the mailing list discuss linmodems org

You can sign up, and get a LOT of information thru the site http://www.linmodems.org

good luck

Thanks for the tip, I´ll check it out. But still, if anyone´s had this same problem and could solve it, help would be appreciated.

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