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Re: FC3 requests - Text Anaconda pkg selection

Japheth Cleaver wrote:

Something I would dearly love would be the older package selection interface from the RH9 Text-only anaconda installer. 90% of the time I'm installing RH/Fedora, I'm installing a server and probably don't have a mouse attached, which means I use the text interface.

FC1 changed the "Manually select packages" interface, eliminating the package info screens, and making the "which package in a group is on or off?" overview screen rather un-intuitive.

Searched high and low for a reason on the devel/test and anaconda lists and didn't really see any reference to it. Was there a specific reason behind it, and would there be a chance of reverting back?


Japheth Cleaver
cleaver ixpres net
cleaver rohan sdsu edu

The idea relayed from prior list discussions was that post-install was a more sane environment. Another point was that the installer is used only for initial installation. A package installation/removal tool was considered to be a better area to customize package selection.

I like the upfront package selection ability myself. I rarely post-install packages from disc. However, I got that the individual package selection is a "gone" concept, not to return.

I believe the discussions were on the phoebe beta list, I'm not sure of where the conversation took place. I believe it was before the Fedora Core concept. RHL 10 was guessed to be the next release.


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