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Re: Errata for FC2?

Am Mi, den 09.06.2004 schrieb Dylan Parry um 13:10:

> I keep an eye on what packages can be updated using Synaptic, but what I  
> miss is a detailed explanation of _why_ the package hyas been updated! I  
> know if I am downloading a package from FreshRPMs I can view the changelog  
> to see what's going on, but things like Kernels (which I tend to update  
> straight away) are not mentioned on that site.
> Is there something like the old errata system that we had with RH that can  
> tell me what has been fixed in minor versions of Kernels etc?

> Dylan Parry

Sign up the fedora-announce-list mailing list:
fedora-announce-list redhat com

and you will see announcements with comments why a package is updated.
Check the announce list archive to see how it was in the past.

Not official announcements you can see and check for the reasons of an
FC2 update on:



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