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FC2 & Dell Inspiron 7500 - newbie friendly?

I am looking to install FC2 on a Dell Inspiron 7500 (to dual boot w/

I am familiar with various Un*x variants (having used NeXTSTEP/Redhat via
shell accounts, and now MacOSX), and have installed FreeBSD before, but
decided that it was not what I was looking for with regard to ease of

Someone suggested FC2, and I was wondering if you thought that the
install/config was something that a newbie-Linux-installer could handle,
or if there was another distro that you'd recommend instead?

I see from the archives that others have installed on this hardware, so I
know it can be done.  I guess I am looking for something like a
"difficulty gauge" - how easy/difficult would it be to do this (assuming
that WinXP is already installed on a separate partition, and FC2 would be
installed into a 2nd partition (about 15gb m/l).

Thanks for any suggestions


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