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Re: Flyvideo 3000 capturing board

Fons van der Beek said the following on 09/06/2004 15:38:
Hello all

Does anybody use a FlyVideo 3000 (PAL B) PC-TV  capture board in Fedora core
if so, and if its functioning, would you be so kind to mail the
modules.conf, modprobe.conf.

I got it working at start, but it isn't functioning anymore after i modified
the modules.conf or modprobe.conf.
I would also be muched oblieged for a howto on installing this board for a
2.6 kernel.

I have the same card, nothing special to setup. My old Flyvideo98/FM used the bttv module but the newer ones use this saa7134 module.

If it is not already in your /etc/modprobe.conf then you need the following line.

alias char-major-81 saa7134

I left it auto-detect the card & tuner and everything works just fine. Uee tvtime to watch TV without a hitch.

PS. /etc/modules.conf was used by the 2.4 kernels, you can remove that if you only use 2.6.


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