Why software patents were a bad idea!!

Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz at simpaticus.com
Wed Jun 9 15:58:57 UTC 2004

At 09:21 6/9/2004, Robin Laing wrote:
>Is it off topic if it could affect the Fedora Project.

Yes. It is off-topic.

A billion other things could affect the Fedora Project, including SuSe's 
evolution now that Novell owns it, IBM's business strategies that might 
modify its funding for Linux, the state of the US economy and the job 
market, major economic indicators in Europe, and increased Chinese adoption 
of Red Flag Linux. All of those, and many others, could affect the Fedora 

However, they are still *all* off-topic as regards the use and continued 
development of Fedora Linux. On a list that gets 6,000 messages a month, 
where users are being driven to unsubscribe by the sheer volume of crud in 
their mailbox, we are well-advised to exercise some restraint in how much 
philosophical discussion goes on. Besides, this is not news... we all know 
that MS is patenting everything they can, and most people already have 
their opinions made up about patents and their merits or lack thereof.

Nothing to see here... let's move along.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz at simpaticus.com

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