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Re: My DELL 8250 doesn't see my Soundblaster card


I received helpful information from James Wilkinson, see enclosed. I then purchased from the opensource.creative link (see below) a driver that at least recognizes the card and plays .wav files (rather poorly).

I will let well enough alone for a while. This has been frustrating.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Ken Jones

-----------------Peter Zabaj wrote-------------


If you have Dell SB Live you can try ALSA 1.0.5a.
In this alsa version is alpha version driver for emu10k1x (it in only
in alsa and not in standard kernel), but only playback works.

Peter Zubaj

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-----Ken Jones wrote-------------

cc: ~spot

Thank you for the answer even though it is not good news. I had been spending too much time with this problem. Now I can either solve it or give up.

I got the "(bad)" news from lspci. At least I now know good from bad.

[root kjones-fedora .mozilla]# lspci -n | grep 1102
02:09.0 Class 0401: 1102:0006
02:09.1 Class 0980: 1102:7004
[root kjones-fedora .mozilla]#

Ken Jones

-----------James Wilkinson wrote------------

I have a DELL 8250 machine with a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Series [WDM] card.
The machine is dual boot. XP on one disk. Fedora Core 1 completely up to date (via yum) on the other. XP sees my sound card fine and makes lovely music. Fedora never sees the card. (Neither does SUSE 9.1 Live.)

Unfortunately, Dell ship at least some of their computers with something that's called a Creative Sound Blaster Live that *isn't* compatible with the SB Live everyone else sells. See Q. C2 on http://opensource.creative.com/sc_faq.html for details.

Does lspci -n | grep 1102 return anything? If it does, do you have an
1102:0002 (good), an 1102:0006 (bad), or something else? (You'll
probably have an 1102:700x as well...)

If you have an 1102:0006, you've got one of the non-standard Dell
variants. Support is ifdeffed out in
/usr/src/linux/sound-2.6.6/sound/pci/emu10k1/emu10k1.c with the comment
/* FIXME: not working! */

This probably isn't the answer you wanted. Sorry.


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