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Re: FC2 & Dell Inspiron 7500 - newbie friendly?

Hi, Timothy

     I don't know if  after FC2 changing  the geometry parameters of a HD you could simply reinstall XP without losses  at least of the previous FC2 installation according the suggestion below. You should have to fix the geometry according the article following the above link, if necessary, using FC2, so you must have FC2 installed and at least permiting sfdisk and cat.(By the way, on the article they should state that it is not necessary always to edit the comments generated by sfdisk. sfdisk may or may not generate them, depending on your specific disk configuration).  To the extent I know,  FC2 should be installed (we are talking about the same drive of course, this point doesn't apply if we have separate HDs)  after XP, since XP installation may interfere with  Linux installed on the same drive.
In any way,  I've bittorrented FC2 to make a hard drive installation and try to see if I can have  FC2 in this AMD XP 2400. Until now I've FC1 standalone in a (slow) Pentium IV with 128 MB rambus memory and Conectiva 9 in a  AMD Duron  512 MB on my private network
The FC1 intallation ont this computer is gone and I cannot find out a way to reinstall it
... :-(


Timothy Luoma wrote:
On 6/9/04 2:14 PM, "Daniel" <danielp infolink com br> wrote:

Please, go first to  http://lwn.net/Articles/86835/
         I think you should think  better evaluate  installing FC1 or
FC2 looking  first for the problems that might occur in your system .

Hrm.  Thanks for the link, first of all.

It sounds like what I should do is:

1) ReInstall XP but don't spend any time configuring it, just in case
something goes wrong

2) Install FC2.

3) If #2 goes well, then go back and deal with setting up XP the way I
"like" it (where "like" is a very relative term :-)


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