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Re: End of life for FC1?

John Francis Lee wrote:
It is beginning to look as though rh has adopted the m$ mo of purposely
releasing a buggy product. If you want one without bugs you gotta pay...
and pay... and pay.

I was looking at some of the other RHL releases. These releases had problems also. more things were probably held back, because of a more safe approach with the releases. Anyway, the releases were not bug free. If you can remember back to realplayer and RHL 6. Also RHL 8 had problems for me and many others related to burning discs.

I think that the Fedora release is just as intended. This release is a snapshot of the current progress made. Bugs that were well known prevented some programs from being upgraded. Evolution was one.

My feedback is that if you wish for a more stable release, complaining about the release does not do much good. What should be done is to file reports on buggy areas that concern your situation. Supply the developer with what details surround your problem, ther work with the developer and pool of othe users that have the same problems that you have.

As an example, I knew that xmms did not create an .xmms directory if you installed a fresh install. The developer was working on resolving the problem, then another user removed a patch that concerned arts.

This lead to narrowing down the problem to arts. Then another developer joined in the problem resolution. Then a solution was come up with and xmms works on new installs.

Help find the problem or at least report problems that you do find.

I think the RH product for money have limitations also. They are probably limited by holds back on development, but they are not free from problems such as the 3com NIC card problem that still has not been resolved.

I don't know if the intentions of M$ or RHAT reside in releasing bugs intentionally. Sometimes the picture does seem like it is an intentional thing. I doubt that either make their respective products inferior just to sell support.


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