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Re: laptop suspend/resume FC2

I also have zt3000 with pentium M 745 and intel pro wireless 2200 B&G.

Suspend to disk using PMDISK works, but suspend to memory doesnt. You
have to reconfigure the kernel w/ suspend to disk (PMDISK) enabled (not
the software suspend), drm, agp and highmem disabled, and add
pmdisk=/dev/<your swap partition> to the kernel options in grub.conf.
Suspend to disk is surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, I couldnt build the
redhat kernel w/ PMDISK enabled and I had to compile a stock 2.6.6
kernel instead. To suspend, one needs to do (from a script):
        ifdown eth0
        rmmod 8139cp
        # suspends. The first line is essential!
        echo -n shutdown > /sys/power/disk
        echo -n disk > /sys/power/state
        # here we are awakened already
        modprobe 8139cp
        ifup eth0
There is a way to have this script bound to the power button. But I
didnt bother with it yet.

For me, two things are not working, speedstep-centrino is not
recognizing the Pentium M 745 chip, and the pro wireless 2200BG is not
working. I tried the driverloader from linuxant, but after few minutes
of operation, the laptop freezes. No luck w/ ndiswrapper either. Does
your wireless work?

Good luck.

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 16:53, T V Nageswar Rao wrote:
> hi,
> Has anyone got suspend/resume working with FC2 on a HP zt3000 laptop ? I am using the 2.6.5-1.358.8kstacks kernel (from linuxant). Let me know if you need further information. I would appreciate any help.
> Thanks
> Nagesh
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