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Re: a wibble wish list

Chadley Wilson wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 10:43, Christopher Chan wrote:

Chadley Wilson wrote:

It still requires loading each system one by one, whether by network or
CD +- 45 mins per system.

eh? You can have multiple systems installing via the network.

Well I certainly appreciate the help, but I think you have missed my point, I am pressed for time and deadlines, from CD-Rom the smaller PCs (2.0 Gig Celerons 128 MB Ram) take 45 Mins plus to install, if I run network installs and there are 3 machines per techie loading, its close to 60 machines simultaneously. The speed reduction on a gigabit lan is incredible it drops to nearly an hour and a half per system. So duplicating the drives is the only solution we have @ 20 mins for 16 drives.

Is your switch saturated or the Gigabit link that is? Can you add a few more NIC cards to the rpm repository box?

I can prepare close 448 Linux hard drives a day using my two disk
duplicators. But with the windows drive I can triple that with ease,
because it only dumps the data not the free space too, a dump takes 3
mins for a 3gig install.

So as you can see we are moving huge volumes and can't afford the usual
conventional methodes for installation we must duplicate, and thats why
I wanted a more desktop complete package, so that setting up a master
drive will be quicker. Not necessarily with the latest packages and

So you are saying with a network install your boys and gals still need to some more installing of apps that don't come with the distro?
We spend a enough time getting other funny hardware working as it is.
Please understand we can spend two day getting a master right we have
two hours tops

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