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fetchmail "X-Fetchmail-Warning" for mail from a mailinglist address

Hello all,

I've just set up a local mail server (Sendmail) on a FC2 machine and I'm
using fetchmail to retrieve my ISP email via POP3. I then have a MUA
(Evolution) on a FC1 client machine that downloads the messages from FC2
via IMAP (dovecot) running on the FC2 machine.

The issue is with a warning I'm getting in the mail headers of any
message retrieved from a mailing list, including fedora-list redhat com:
"X-Fetchmail-Warning:  recipient address fedora-list redhat com didn't
match any local name"
The fetchmail manpage mentions this warning will occur when fetchmail
can't find a valid local name in the recipient address (predictably so
with mailing list mail since they commonly include only the mailing-list
address in the "To:" header; BCC: for the list members).
So, the manpage mentions to overcome this, fetchmail will first check
the "Received:" header for the correct local recipient address, then
"Resent-*:" and finally the "Apparently-To:","To:","Cc:", and "Bcc:"
headers. In my case, it seems the "correct" local recipient address
(matt localhost)  can not be found by fetchmail in this case so it
defaults to using the To: header which is "fedora-list redhat com" which
obviously isn't a localname on my systems. 

So finally (sorry for the length!) is there anything I can do about this
error for mailing-list addresses? The manpage says to [quote]: "make 
sure  your mailserver  writes  an  envelope-address header that
fetchmail can see." However, inspection of an email's full header from
this list shows "Received:" headers with "to" matt localhost, so, surely
fetchmail can see from that who the local recipient is?
My fairly basic .fetchmailrc:

set no bouncemail
poll mail.optusnet.com.au proto pop3
     user 'helios82' there with password 'mypass' is user matt here

Any insight appreciated. 

"Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
mhelios - www.fedoraforum.org 

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