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Re: Program crashes with FC2 and GNOME desktop

This is a well known bug.  Bugzilla #123807. It doesn't appear that anything is being done to correct it

David McCormick

craigwhite azapple com wrote:
On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 14:20, Brian L Copp wrote:

I did a full installation of Fedora Core 2 (x86-64) on my AMD64 system. 
Actually, this is my first ever installation of Linux.  Every time I
start my system with the GNOME desktop, I get an error message saying
that "nautilus" has "quit unexpectedly," and it requests me to submit a
bug report.  I get a similar crash message when trying to change the
desktop background, browse the file system, or run the Epiphany Web

These are just a few processes which I've tried to run through GNOME. 
I'm sure there are more which will give me these errors.  Using the KDE
desktop, I don't get any of these error messages, but I prefer the look
and feel of GNOME.  

Is there some kind of fix for these problems?  As it stands, the GNOME
desktop is almost unusable on my system.
Try deleting your $HOME/.gnome and $HOME/.gnome2 directories before you
log in again (or move them).



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