End of life for FC1?

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:07:03 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 08:13:49 -0400, Chalonec Roger
<chalonec.roger at pbgc.gov> wrote:
> So security updates will continue after 3 months for FC1 but other
> updates will stop 2-3 months after the first release of FC2 which is in
> about 2.5 months?

All official updates, in the sense that they are signed with the
fedora-project gpg key stop at the FC1 eol. After that Fedora Legacy
plans to pick up support for security fixes to Core packages. I
suggest you take a moment and read all the available material
at http://www.fedoralegacy.org/ and get familiar with how post-EOL
community support will be handled.


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