End of life for FC1?

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 10 13:14:06 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 08:13:49 -0400
"Chalonec Roger" <Chalonec.Roger at pbgc.gov> wrote:

> So security updates will continue after 3 months for FC1 but other
> updates will stop 2-3 months after the first release of FC2 which is in
> about 2.5 months?
> I am relatively new to Linux and so far have been quite pleased with FC1
> and have received tons of help from this forum.  I must say that for me
> it is disturbing that FC1 would end of life 3 months after FC2 is
> released.  I naturally would want to see FC1 support never end but I
> know that will not happen and should not happen.  However, eol 3 months
> after a first subsequent release comes out does seem too aggressive.  I
> understand that FC is meant to stretch the boundaries of existing
> technologies and as such, support for releases can't continue forever.
> In short though, I think 3 months is too short and I think that a longer
> period before eol will help Fedora/Linux gain more aceptance for new and
> potential new adopters.


The life cycle may seem aggressive but it has been chosen for very specific
reasons and makes sense if you accept the goals of the Fedora project.
For instance, there is no explicit goal to gain more acceptance of Linux with 
new adopters.  The beauty of Linux is that if the goals of this project don't 
meet your needs you still have other choices.   However, Fedora _will_ meet 
the needs of a huge number of people and provide a great Linux experience.

Official updates for FC1 will end sometime after the end of July.   This is a
trade off made to clear the decks for the developers, who can then concentrate
on moving forward.   The Fedora legacy project  is a community based effort 
to provide updates for each release beyond its official life.   


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