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Re: Slo ...... w PC

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 14:56, Ankit Malik wrote:
> My computer Specs
> Celeron 851 Mhz
> 128 MB RAM
> ATI Mach 64 GX -- Am using the vesa driver
> But my computer is running really slowly.
> i know my ram is less but still i mean .. FC1 was WAY FASTER than FC2.
> Firefox takes approx 20 seconds to load while in Fedora 1 it was just
> click and run.

Not that this helps you much, but you may find it entertaining...


> Any suggestions?
> Plus how do i 'Disk Cleanup'

Due to the way that the ext2/3 (and other file systems) work, file
fragmentation is not a major issue that you need to worry about. The
best I can recommend is that you try and keep your disk space
utilisation below around 70% or 80%. I believe once you start going over
that the system slows down drastically.

> I am using the Ext2 filesystem- will upgrading to ReiserFS help ? Can
> i do it without losing DATA

I'm not sure about converting to ReiserFS, but you may be able to
convert to EXT3, with out too much pain.

Just a couple 


just google for ext2 convert ext3 (not hard come on people!), and you
get quite a few results (including converting to Rieser...).

Hope this helps.


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