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Re: Slo ...... w PC

Douglas Furlong wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 14:56, Ankit Malik wrote:

Not that this helps you much, but you may find it entertaining...


This is a good post. It is one of the things that I liked about previous versions of Linux. Running on older hardware. With FC2, it looks like that won't be possible.

Now the article does attribute alot of code being written in a hurry to meet a demand but that does not help the growth of Linux if Linux is slower than Windows boxes.

Looking at Mozilla, it is getting faster with each upgrade.

It was an issue with Windows development as well. It was being called Bloatware for ages. Alot has to do with deveolpers that write great code but forget about older machines, as stated in the article.

Of course this is also evident in WWW pages that reqire broadband connections. I know people that are still stuck with 33.6 modem connections.

Developers need to think of speeding up applications before adding more features.

Robin Laing

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