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Re: WTF: Stack Size 4k

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Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 08:52, Doug Stewart wrote:

Well First of all I was merely restating the problem exists and if you checked when I joined the list it was about 15 minutes ago(

Immaterial. A quick check of the bottom of ANY mailing list message reveals this page: http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list

on which the first link is to, wonder of wonders, the Archives:

A search on "4k" reveals 1271 messages, "8k" 981. Those on this list need NO reminders of the issue, as it has been discussed ad nauseum. If you feel you need to vent your frustrations on the issue, perhaps a coworker would be a better outlet, rather than a worldwide discussion list.

).  Then I was wondering why things are progressing downhill in Core 2
since I have nothing but problems in my server center since starting a
move to Core 2 (since stopped).  First you do not have support for the
advansys module in the install script and have not since RH 9.  How the
hell are those of us who use and love the SCSI boards based on the
advansys chipset supposed to install on systems using SCSI drives
attached to those cards?  I have several boxes with advansys cards in
them with drives attached.  Next you did not allow me to recompile my
kernel with the 8k stack size by choosing to not allow that as an option
in the build menu I had to go DL a new kernel source to rebuild my
kernel with this option(Bugs: 120446 124018 111232).  I want a distro
that simplifies my life as an administrator not makes things orders of
magnitude more difficult!

I, for one, see great folly in upgrading ANY datacenter to Fedora Core 2 at this point. The fact that you've chosen to do so shows that you probably didn't do enough investigation into the matter.

Core 2 represents a VERY large diversion from recent RH/FC distros, in large part because of the switch to kernel 2.6.x. This means different driver architectures, a different device scheme, different memory management, etc. I could see you upgrading to Core 1, as, at base, it's not a whole lot different from the RH (9) that preceded it.

If you're looking for an easy distro to simplify your life and you don't mind paying a bit, you might consider RedHat Enterprise 3. It's a slower-moving target than FC and (as you seem to be concerned with) excellent SCSI support. Any deployment of FC in a datacenter is going to be far more of a homebrew process than deploying RHEL. If you're not comfortable with that, then I highly suggest you look somewhere other than FC for your Linux needs.

If you were merely trying to exhort Fedora developers on to higher and grander causes, then you 1) failed the "positive message" test and 2) sent your message to the wrong list.

Doug Stewart
Systems Administrator/Web Applications Developer
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs
dstewart atl lmco com

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