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Re: WTF: Stack Size 4k

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 09:28:38 -0600, Jeffrey D. Means <meaje meanspc com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 08:52, Doug Stewart wrote:
> > Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
> > > I have now encountered 4 problems since upgrading to Core 2 due to the
> > > stack size you chose in compiling Core 2.  Why the hell did you not
> > > compile with the default size of 8k??
> >
> > I have now encountered at least 2 problems with your message.  Why the
> > heck did you not search the archives before asking a question that has
> > been asked tens, if not hundreds of times?
> > 
> Well First of all I was merely restating the problem exists and if you
> checked when I joined the list it was about 15 minutes ago(
>                              From:
> fedora-list-request redhat com
>                                To:
> meaje meanspc com
>                           Subject:
> Welcome to the "fedora-list" mailing
> list
>                              Date:
> Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:47:27 -0400
> ).  Then I was wondering why things are progressing downhill in Core 2
> since I have nothing but problems in my server center since starting a
> move to Core 2 (since stopped).  First you do not have support for the
> advansys module in the install script and have not since RH 9.  How the
> hell are those of us who use and love the SCSI boards based on the
> advansys chipset supposed to install on systems using SCSI drives
> attached to those cards?  I have several boxes with advansys cards in
> them with drives attached.  

I'm confused.... this isn't 4kstack related at all....
you said there were 4 problems associated with 4kstacks. I'm still
waiting to hear
about 4kstack specific problems that are not associated with the
nvidia binary driver.
That being said...the bug reports you list below give prospective on
the problem..the module was previously listed as unsupported in fc1.
Clearly no one in the userbase decided to try to do a test install
during fc2 testing on this hardware, thats a shame.
But making a driver disk that includes the module you need should work, 

> Next you did not allow me to recompile my
> kernel with the 8k stack size by choosing to not allow that as an option
> in the build menu I had to go DL a new kernel source to rebuild my
> kernel with this option(Bugs: 120446 124018 111232).  I want a distro
> that simplifies my life as an administrator not makes things orders of
> magnitude more difficult!

I encourage you to find the solution that best fits your needs.  No
one expects Fedora to fit the needs of everyone. There are no perfect
solutions, pick the distribution that best fits your legacy,current
and future needs. That being said, if you read the mailinglist thread
i posted ealier, you perhaps will understand why kernel developers
want to remove this configuration choice from mainline..and why the
4kstacks is thought to be better overall. Configuration choices come
at a cost to development and matainence. And like i said before, other
then the nvidia bug, I am not personally aware of another 4kstacks
specific problem, let alone 3 more of them as you orginally stated.


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