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Re: WTF: Stack Size 4k

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 17:04:44 +0100
Adam Cooper <adam cooper port ac uk> wrote:

> Well actually. Users of centrino hardware via ndiswrapper or linuxant
> are pretty much stuffed. Why'd you think linuxant released the modified
> kernel. But it gets worse. Pressure from redhat means that they are
> removing the option to use 8k stacks. Makes things pretty tricky.
> Centrino users will be cut out of the loop pretty soon. There is a
> driver available from intel though I think but its *very* beta and has
> not got many features.

There are open source drivers for Centrino being developed.   

Linux is an open source operating system.  People using closed source 
solutions like those from Linuxant will just have to deal with the problems.   
4Kstacks is just an example of the problems one will encounter when using
binary only drivers.


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