WTF: Stack Size 4k

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at
Thu Jun 10 16:19:37 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 09:28:38 -0600
"Jeffrey D. Means" <meaje at> wrote:

> Well First of all I was merely restating the problem exists and if you
> checked when I joined the list it was about 15 minutes ago(

Pffft.   Nice entrance.

> ).  Then I was wondering why things are progressing downhill in Core 2
> since I have nothing but problems in my server center since starting a

Things aren't going downhill.   There is a new kernel.   To get the good
things that come with the new kernel you have to accept that there
will be some issues along the way.   

> move to Core 2 (since stopped).  First you do not have support for the
> advansys module in the install script and have not since RH 9.  How the
> hell are those of us who use and love the SCSI boards based on the
> advansys chipset supposed to install on systems using SCSI drives
> attached to those cards?  I have several boxes with advansys cards in

What are you doing to help the Linux community build a better kernel?   
Have you invested any time, effort or money in helping develop that 
new kernel?    If not, why would you think that your needs would be met 
by it?   Did you even test it before deploying it?   Just what kind of CIO
are you?   Do you ever accept personal responsibility for your decisions
or just join mailing lists and instantly blame the people who gave you
something for free?

> them with drives attached.  Next you did not allow me to recompile my
> kernel with the 8k stack size by choosing to not allow that as an option
> in the build menu I had to go DL a new kernel source to rebuild my

This is just your lack of knowledge poking through again.   This was not
the Fedora teams decision but that of the kernel community.   It's a good
decision that makes a better kernel and is no problem for the open
source community.

> kernel with this option(Bugs: 120446 124018 111232).  I want a distro
> that simplifies my life as an administrator not makes things orders of
> magnitude more difficult!

Orders of magnitude.  heh.. typical hyperbole.


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