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Re: Cups crap

> clemens dwf com wrote:
> >I dont know why RedHat unloaded this beta software *Cups* on us, but
> >Ive had more printer problems since it arrived than I had in the 
> >previous 15 or 20 years.
> >
> >  
> >
> Clemens,
> It seems you are getting responses to your question, which is good -- 
> and surprising, considering the hostile, angry, and uninformed tone of 
> your message.  You catch more flies with sugar then vinegar; perhaps you 
> may wish to consider not insulting the company which is giving you free 
> software that you either can't or don't choose to create for yourself.
> Cheers,
> Aaron Bennett

When RedHat decided to only support servers, and not Workstations, they
lost my support.  I suspect that RedHat is on its way down the same
toilet that Sun Microsystems is, and for the same reason.  The only 
reason that either has sold server licenses is that those of us on
the Workstations have recommended them.  Stop supporting Workstations
and your Server business is going to go away too.

Beleive me, I have (past tense) been one of the biggest Sun supporters
(I have one of their earliest machines here at home, along with more
recent products), and Redhat since back at 6.0 or earlier.  I just dont
like the way their managemnt is taking the company.

And I dont like the 'influence' that they seem to have over what will
be in Fedora or what wont be in it... Seems we are now the (free) 
testing grounds for RedHat products.



                                        reg dwf com

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