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Re: OT: hardware advice

Craig Tinson wrote:
hey guys.. quick question..

about a year ago I bought an Abit AT7Max2 mobo from my local supplier..
it broke down 4 months ago so I took it back.. they said they'd replace
it via Abit.. 4 months on and they still haven't got me a new board.. so
rang them up and gave them an earful.. they can't get ahold of a new

I suggested I'd accept a different board if it was as good as the Max2
*and* had a RAID controller (like the Max2 did)..

they have come up with this:

and will throw in a seperate pci raid card..

is this a good deal? anyone used this board?

Thanks for any suggestions :)


Hey, that is the board I got on my home computer. :)

It is running great with FC1 and Nvidia drivers. The SATA drives are working but I am not using the hardware raid. I am using md as it seems to have more tools. I haven't done any performance testing of the drives for speeds or anything like that yet. I have had it since January and the only problem was with an ATI 9600 video card that I could not get working with 3-D

If they are going to throw in an external raid controller, I would take it. I have a Nvidia video card so I am going to wait until the drivers are updated before trying FC2. I have used the USB with both cameras and sticks. I had one lockup with the stick but the second time it worked like a charm. Could not repeat the lockup.

I would purchae another one.
Robin Laing

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