mounting UDF disks

Mariano Draghi mdraghi at
Thu Jun 10 20:09:06 UTC 2004

Bolívar escribió:

> On red-hat 9 i could mount UDF CD-RW disks without problem. On my FC2, 
> they mount, but they mount "empty". I´m sure there´s no problem with the 
> disks(tried 2, one formated with roxio cd-creator and the other with 
> Incd). Listing their contents in the terminal, i can see their files, 
> but them all written in red and flashing (means empty right?). Checked 
> the fstab, the udf option is there.
> Any help?

Sorry... this isn't going to be useful... but I can confirm this on 
*SOME* of my CD-RW discs.
I was trying to find a pattern of the bug in order to file a bug, but so 
far I haven't any clues.

There was a thread about this very same problem a couple of weeks ago, 
but it ended in nothing. Maybe that's because there's no much users of 
FC2 experiencing this...



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