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Re: mounting UDF disks

At 17:09 10/6/2004 -0300, you wrote:
Bolívar escribió:

On red-hat 9 i could mount UDF CD-RW disks without problem. On my FC2, they mount, but they mount "empty". I´m sure there´s no problem with the disks(tried 2, one formated with roxio cd-creator and the other with Incd). Listing their contents in the terminal, i can see their files, but them all written in red and flashing (means empty right?). Checked the fstab, the udf option is there.
Any help?

Sorry... this isn't going to be useful... but I can confirm this on *SOME* of my CD-RW discs. I was trying to find a pattern of the bug in order to file a bug, but so far I haven't any clues.

There was a thread about this very same problem a couple of weeks ago, but it ended in nothing. Maybe that's because there's no much users of FC2 experiencing this...



We got somewhere. You say you experience this on "some" of your disks, can you remember which software you used to format this working ones? I will try formating one of my disks again, using roxio cd creator 6, it´s been a while since i formated them. If anyone got a solution... plz...

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