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Re: Samba Shared Folders over a WAN link

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 16:17, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> Right now, ping times and traceroutes are showing up as 200ms latency.
> ssh to the samba box is _ok_. not too bad, I get some feel of latency
> but is generally acceptable.
> > >
> > >You might try tunneling the traffic and compressing it but I doubt that
> > >would give you the kind of improvement you are looking for.
> I'm not sure how that can be done. 
> Currently I'm mounting the share from the samba box to my laptop.(mount
> -t smbfs ) and saving files to it frequently have app hangs. (even
> browsing folders)
> How can I do the tunneling? Any suggestions? IPSEC? SSH? etc? I'm new in
> this.

SSH would be easy to try.  It can be configured for compression so might
give you some improvement in throughput.

I have had success using ssh with compression for vnc and x-windows
connections across the Internet.  It did improve the response times for

There is also stunnel but I don't know if it has compression or not. 
The trick is to use something that will compress the data before sending

> That's not largely a problem. The problem here is that I won't be able
> to get a _real_time_ copy of the data. (unless I set up rsync like every
> minute or so.. but the stress on the server and my notebook!)
> Thanks guys. I guess there's nothing much that can be done. It's not
> only Samba shares, even accessing windows shares are a _real_pain_
> --

Maybe we need to step back from the problem a little.  Would nfs do the
trick?  I have not used nfs much but I think the overhead is less than
samba.  I take it one end point is a Windows box?  You might check out
cygwin.  It has a lot of unix type tools available.  
Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Don't look now, but the man in the moon is laughing at you. 

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