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Re: End of life for FC1?

George Garvey said:
> One of my personal favorites is ext3 journal
> errors on about 4 out of 7 systems. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to
> make sense out of the symptoms enough to even say what is wrong so it can
> be filed in bugzilla and possibly fixed.

This is I believe the first time this has been posted to the list.  A quick look at bugzilla shows:


Which is currently "NEEDINFO".  Perhaps you can jump in there?

> ncurses isn't even working right. That was certainly noted early in 
> development. It was said that the problem was in users of ncurses, as I 
> understood it. That's nice. But I still can't use a bunch of keys on the 
> keyboard any more in Mutt, because I haven't had time to fix it myself.

The only bug I see for ncurses and mutt was closed in Feb. of 2003.  Don't make assumptions that bugs are noted.

> By the way: taking the
> statement "if it's not in bugzilla it doesn't exist" too far is
> ridiculous. I can understand it meaning that complaining that it isn't
> getting attention because it wasn't put into an automated system is
> stupid.

So developers should shovel through the ~10 MB/month of noise that is the fedora-list to hunt down one person seeing a bug?  And when are they supposed to do development?

"If it's not in bugzilla it doesn't exist".  There is no taking it too far.  Testing requires bug reports.  Since Fedora has open testing anyone can jump in and report them.  If you don't report a bug (or verify that someone else has) don't be surprised when it isn't fixed.  Take some responsibility, as a member of the community, for the quality of the product.

Again, I quote the first Fedora objective: "Create a complete general-purpose operating system with capabilities equivalent to competing operating systems, built for and by a community ? those who not only consume, but also produce for the good of other community members."  The process will only be as good as the community decides to help make it.

William Hooper

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