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Re: Lucent/Agere v.92 softmodem on core 2

Hi there ,
Bolνvar wrote:
First of all, Hi community, I joined a few days ago and this is my first post.
My problem is:
I own a v.92 lucent winmoden and i΄d like to know if there is any working driver for the core 2 kernel,
there is none in the linmodems page.

Well , that is partially true. In the linmodems page there
is a link which gives you the ability to download the source of the driver . From there you can be built the driver for whichever version of
the kernel you wish . Just remember you need to have the kernel source rpm installed . I have never had problems building that driver for various kernels right now am using it under FC1 / 2.4.26

Also, i still couldn΄t make this
modem work on previous distros, i could make my v.90 lucent work without problems, but not my v.92, it detects, communicates, but it doesn΄t dial. There΄s nothing wrong with the phone line.
Later ppl.

Regards ,

P.S. sorry if this a double e-mail, i think i screwed up last time.

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