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Re: Cups crap

Powell, James F CONT wrote:
Thanks dude, works like a champ, even get color. They must have done something to the printer specific drivers in the upgrade, at least the generic ones work.

Glad to help, Jim.

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Powell, James F CONT wrote:

Just a little more Info:

I've had some time this afternoon, so I set up the printer

in a number of different ways: SMB, JetDirect and IPP, all produced the same result, blank paper coming from the printer. I don't know if this information might point someone in a direction that will help me troubleshoot this or not, but there it is.

I'm using an HP4050N with FC1 and FC2 via JetDirect.  Here's the setup
from [redhat|system]-config-printers:

	Queue name tab:
		Name: BigJet
		About: LaserJet 4050N

	Queue type tab:
		Queue type: Networked JetDirect
		Printer: www.xxx.yyy.zzz (IP address)
		Port: 9100

	Queue Options tab:
		Banner Pages:
			At start of job: none
			At end of job: none
		Imageable Area
			All margins: 36
		Filter options:
			cpi: 12
			lpi: 7
			page-bottom: 86
			page-left 57
			page-right 57
			page-top: 72
			scaling: 100
			wrap: true

	Printer driver tab:
		PCL6/PCL XL printer (pxlmono)

	Driver options tab:
		Send Form Feed (FF): unchecked
		Send End-Of-Transmission (EOT): unchecked
		Assume Unknown Data Is Text: unchecked
		Prerender Postscript: unchecked
		Convert Text to Postscript: checked
		Effective Filter Locale: C
		JCL Resolution: 600
		Printout Mode: Normal Grayscale
		Page Size: US Letter
		Resolution: 600 DPI
		GhostScript Resolution: 600 DPI
		Color Mode: Grayscale
		Media Source: Tray 2

That works for me. I suspect it'll work for you, too.
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