mounting UDF disks

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Fri Jun 11 02:22:34 UTC 2004

At 18:19 10/6/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>Bolívar escribió:
>>At 17:09 10/6/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>>>Bolívar escribió:
>>>>On red-hat 9 i could mount UDF CD-RW disks without problem. On my FC2, 
>>>>they mount, but they mount "empty".
>>>>other with Incd). Listing their contents in the terminal, i can see 
>>>>their files, but them all written in red and flashing
>>>Sorry... this isn't going to be useful... but I can confirm this on 
>>>*SOME* of my CD-RW discs.
>>We got somewhere. You say you experience this on "some" of your disks, 
>>can you remember which software you used to format this working ones?
>Yes, Nero Burning Rom. But the funny thing is that ALL the CD-RWs that 
>I've tested are formatted with that software, with the very same version, 
>in the same box (at work). So far, I've found 2 discs that cannot be 
>properly mounted (ot of 5). So it's not the software... but some 
>combination of factors... I suspect it has to do with FC2 using unicode 
>and Windows not using unicode, combined with some "strange" file name 
>and/or a bug in the udf module of the kernel.
>*The CDs I'm trying work prefect on FC1 and Knoppix 3.3 (kernel 2.4)*
>Are you from Brazil? I'm from Argentina, so both of us might be using 
>non-english characteres in the filenames, right? (I do)
>And if I remember well, the other guy who had problems was French.
>But as I said, I couldn't find a pattern yet. It's not something 
>"coedpage-exlusive", because all the CDs that I tried have non-english 
>characters, and some of them works, and some doesn't.

Yes, I am brasilian. I don´t think it got anything to do with characteres, 
and the cds i tested had only standart characteres. Pretty sure, since it 
only had 1 rpm package on it...
Well, the workaround was to burn a data cd-rw, transfer the files and erase 
Do what...

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