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Re: Firewall & Routing - help! (PROBLEM SOLVED!)

Tom Diehl wrote:

> You spelled it wrong. it is NOZEROCONF= and if you put it in
> /etc/sysconfig/network you only need it in 1 place for all of the interfaces.
> IOW take it out of ifcfg-eth* and put it in network.

Quite right! I'll have to change that, darn spelling.<>

> What is this? Either put in the correct value or rm it entirely?

Sorry, just redacting.

I figured a lot of my problems. The default route, 172.20 route, all comming from my firewall script! This is what you get for using a script building program - you don't know exactly what the script is doing! Not that I could ever build a script by hand...
I certainly picked up a lot of knowledge regarding network scripts, etc.....

My routes are ok now, that I've fixed my firewall scripts etc. I've learned as well, restarting iptables isn't the correct way to restart the script, but rather do it via network restart.

Thanks for everyone's help. Gonna test my script some more, document my settings in a notebook, and do it all over again for the production install.

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