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Possible cause of KDE Trashcan problem

Yesterday I did a complete reinstall of all my OSes in order to change the size of the partition that I have for Fedora, and I noticed something that might be causing the Trashcan in KDE to always appear full.

When I first installed Fedora and got to the login screen I simply typed in my password, and then after logging in realised I was in Gnome and logged out and back in to KDE. This caused a number of problems with the menu editing in KDE, but I also believe this was the cause of the Trashcan problem too.

The reason I believe this is that the problem manifested itself straight away in the first install, yet was clearly not evident in the installation I performed yesterday, and the only difference between the first and second installations is that I didn't accidentally use Gnome in the latter!

As of yet I have not managed to find an actual solution to the problem, but with knowledge that it is _possibly_ being caused by a conflict between Gnome and KDE, maybe we can find one now?

Dylan Parry
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