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Greetings this fine Friday,

I would like to congratulate the Development team on some other great
features, in FC2

Firstly I have tested several makes of USB drive and they all work, My
TV card picks up first time, My USB flash drive mounts from the new
Computer folder on the desktop, 
My sound card almost worked perfectly this time round, SB live value -
the sliders in alsa-mixer are all over the place, i.e volume isn't
volume and bass isn't bass instead volume is PCM and there are four PCM
sliders and bass is something else can't remember etc.. (its messy), But
the front rear outputs are working like a charm.

It is fast and from my side stable. I must say I am very happy.

I was really peed off with the 4k stack issue, I have to tell my bosses
and customer fedora doesn't support 3D, (It doesn't) 
As soon as it is fixed that will all change.

Great work guys keep it up!

Chadley Wilson
Soon 2 B RHCE
Linux Rocks
Welcome to my world.
Enjoy the adventures of Linux 
Linux is easy, lazy people criticise, curse and fail.

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