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Re: mount/umount in autofs keeps locking up (is it fam?)

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 04:18:55PM -0400, Paul Raines wrote:
> We have a rather large autofs setup at our site with four different
> maps/mountpoints and one them being quite large with >1000 entries.  
> However, on any one box rarely will over 20 mounts be used at once.
> We recently installed a FC2 box and everything works fine until somebody
> starts up a KDE application.  Soon after that we will notice automounting
> stops working and several NFS mounts are unresponsive.  Doing a 'ps'
> shows several 'mount' and 'umount' process hung in the 'D' state.

Many applications (including konqueror and nautilus) want to access all
the available disks on startup. Unfortunately, there is a maximum number
of nfs mounts that the kernel can support at any given time.
After that, you'll get mounts in D state since they cannot complete
their task.
Also, if a disk is unavailable (computer is down or so) the mount will
take some time to time out, and some errors will appear in the logs.

My solution in our network was to cut down on the number of automount
entries. Which was possible in our case since we only had a few
hundred. Reorganizing your >1000 entries might be a lot more difficult.

Sorry I cannot be of more help here. Fortunately I don't often run into
this problem any more.

David Jansen

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