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Hello to everyone and thank you inadvance for any help you may be able to offer.

I'm very new at linux, very new. I've only started working with it 5 days ago. See I have a new job and my boss wants a linux server set up to run his web page, small mysql database and to allow file and print sharing in an office that has no need for any security. There are three win 2000 boxes and 1 XP box and everyone can access everyone else with no passwords. There is also no domain.

So with that being said these are my issues:

I didn't do the install myself so I don't know if that is an issue or not, But I think what I might do is un-install it then re-install it myself, since the install that I'm working with now was done by one of the other staff memeber and he knows less than I do about linux but more than I do about this offices setup.

He has this idea that the offices setup is to simple meaning that there is no domain and everyone can share everyones machine with no security (no passwords anywhere). I have configured the smb.conf file and everything but my only question that I have is the nobody account.

The other boxes can see the linux box but can't do anything, they get a message that says that there is a duplicate server name and thats it.

In the smb.conf I can allow guest users/accounts if I don't then I have to update the smbusers and smbpsswd accounts but I'm not sure if I should do this in the script or what? I would love to use SWAT as this would be far more "newbie" user friendly but I can't seem to get it up and running. I know its there I have looked that the files (all of them) but can't seem to get it working.

The other big issue is (even before all this sharing stuff) the web page. I have a frames page and I'm using a css file. The css file is being read but oddly. By oddly I mean that some of the code blocks show up but others do not. For example some fonts work on one page then not on the next page. I installed the windows true-type fonts but that worked for some of the pages but not the others. I'm having the same issue with images and links. The link that doesn't work is the "go to top" on every page. I don't know if this is an apache issue of a me issue?

Can anyone offer any help at all?

I'm sorry if my terminology is a bit off, as I mentioned I'm very very new at this. I'm a newly graduated programmer and I really like this job and don't want to loose it over this.

So if anyone can offer any help at all that would be great.


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