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Re: How to enable USB mouse with Fedora Core 2

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 21:58, Sanjeev Verma wrote:
> Hi all:
> I will not call myself a pro at linux, although I have been playing a 
> bit with the redhat distros since RedHat 7 days. I was able to install 
> redhat 7 pretty easily, all hardware detection went ok and i was 
> pleasantly surprised at the ease with which everything went. I guess the 
> developers are working hard...
> Recently, I installed Fedora Core 2 on one of my other home desktops. I 
> wanted a dual boot configuration with Windows 2000. The install was not 
> easy - but more on that later as i was able to get past it by doing some 
> googling around.
> My current problem is like this - I am able to boot into the fedore core 
> 2 install only with the "nousb nofirewire" options - not otherwise - the 
> start up just hangs. Is there a workaround to this so i can get my mouse 
> working again? I can't believe I am the only soul with this problem...
> Any replies will be very appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Sanjeev

There are some updates to the kernel in the testing yum repository, edit
/etc/yum.conf for the part referring to testing. This may help, as i
think there are some USB and firewire updates in there.

What happens if you edit the grub line at boot (press 'a' on the line at
boot to do this), and remove the nousb nofirewire quiet entries. Then we
may get some kernel output during boot to find out why it's not behaving

Other then that as Jeff said, you are really going to have to let us
know the motherboard/usb information before we can realy provide much
more help.


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