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Re: KDE Slideshow Screensaver Setup Broken

geneSmith wrote:
I tried to setup the slideshow screen saver under kde and when I do the "setup" I get no dialog for selecting the location of the files to cycle through. In fact, after clicking on "setup" button, it remains disabled, even if I go to another screen saver, e.g., BSOD. You have to move to another configuration category and then back to screen savers before the "setup" button is enabled again after selecting it for slideshow. (Slideshow seems to work ok under RH 7.2 when I last used it.) Looked on kde and fedora bugzilla and saw nothing on this. Anyone else see this problem?


Lit up like Levy's

I managed to solve that by providing the Screen saver with a setup file.
Copy the following data to a file named $HOME/.kde/share/config/kslideshow.kssrc
------------<Cut Here>----------------
[KFileDialog Settings]
Preview Size=60
Recent Files=/usr/share/backgrounds/images/

[KFileDialog Speedbar]
Speedbar IconSize=32

------------<Cut Here>----------------

You might have to restart KDE (log out - log in) to get the Config Dialog working.

I don't think that a lock-up should be the "standard behavior" of any program that can't find it's config file.

so long,


Hartwig Flamm

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