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On Fri, 11 Jun 2004 7:39:14 -0400, Timothy K. Wagner <tkw722 adelphia net> wrote:
Are there any other details to setting up a VNC
server and being able to connect to it? Thanks everyone!

Yeah there are a couple of other things that I found out when I started using it on my boxes instead of exporting X over SSH. fire up a terminal session on your FC box in any manner you choose (ssh, telnet, etc) and run vcnpasswd. This will create a default set of files (like what apps to run when you connect, etc) and also a password to use to authenticate to VNC. Then go into the config file (/etc/sysconfig/vncservers) and uncomment and change the line from

VNCSERVERS="0:root" (or whatever the default is) to
VNCSERVERS="1:username here" for the user you want to long into. As always it's never good to login as root for anything. You can leave the default display as 0, but I've had problems with it as 0 when GNOME or KDE is also running on the machine.


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Mark Haney
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